Rio Mare and WWF, working together
for sustainable fisheries and healthy oceans

We started a four-year transformational journey with WWF
to promote sustainable fisheries and healthy oceans.

Bolton Alimentari, the company behind the Rio Mare brand, is proud to announce its new international partnership with WWF aimed at increasing the sustainability and traceability of seafood products. The four-year partnership will implement a strong new seafood sourcing strategy with the goal to supply 100% of our seafood from sustainable sources. The partnership will involve several countries and eventually include all of the company’s production.

Proudly working for
the future of the oceans

Rio Mare has always been committed to sustainability: in 2009 we participated in the foundation of ISSF (International Seafood Sustainability Foundation), the world leading non-profit organization for the sustainability of tuna, and in 2011 we launched Responsible Quality, our Corporate Social Responsibility Program. It expresses the company’s commitment to 360-degree quality, pursued responsibly in respect of the environment and people, across the entire supply chain, from catch to consumer.

Responsible Quality’s is based on a four-pillars approach: one of them is sustainable fishing, based on a diversification policy regarding the tuna species, the area of catch and the fishing methods. In particular, regarding the fishing methods, we will continue to increase the percentage of tuna caught with sustainable fishing methods such as Pole & Line and Fad Free and to support the MSC certification of tuna. In accordance with ISSF mission and WWF, we believe that MSC is the best existing standard for sustainable fishing and therefore we support it.

The partnership with WWF is a step ahead on the Responsible Quality journey, concretely showing our willingness to pursue our course towards sustainability.

Why a WWF-Rio Mare partnership?

As the Italian and European leader in the canned tuna industry serving over 45 countries, we are aware of the impact of our activities, reason why we strive to build a sustainable business model.

This partnership will allow Rio Mare to implement its sustainable sourcing roadmap with the technical advice and support provided by WWF, the world’s leading conservation organization.

We will work together with WWF in order to implement solutions aimed at shifting the seafood sector towards more sustainable production and sourcing practices. In particular, this partnership will help increase the amount of sustainably sourced seafood, supporting well managed-fisheries and fostering transparency along the seafood supply chain. It will also increase consumers’ awareness of the relevance of sustainable fishing.

Caption: Yellowfin tuna, Pacific Ocean Mexico,
Copyright Credit: ©

Caption: Yellowfin tuna, Pacific Ocean Mexico,
Copyright Credit: ©

The partnership’s goals

Our ambition is to become the sustainability leader in our business sector. We have set clear objectives for this partnership journey:

  • Invest in improving the sustainability of Rio Mare’s seafood supplies;
  • Increase transparency and traceability for consumers.

In pursuing these objectives, Rio Mare commits to continuously increasing the amount of certified sustainable seafood products it produces.

Rio Mare’s goal is to supply 100% of its tuna from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified fisheries or from robust Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) aimed at becoming eligible for MSC certification, by 2024.

We have made a similar commitment for the other fish species that we commercialize, such as salmon, mackerel and sardines.